Anjajavy Luxury Vacation

Enjoy gorgeous sand beaches, coves, baobabs, tsingy, unique wildlife observation, and a relaxing time only at Anjajavy

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East Lemur Tour

Enjoy guided nature walks in a couple of beautiful protected nature reserves in search of rare diurnal and nocturnal lemurs

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Madagascar Highlights Tour

Enjoy wildlife safaris in four national parks and discover Madagascar endemics with our qualified naturalist guides

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Madagascar’s Undiscovered "Wild West"

Enjoy an amazing expedition to Makay with its amazing river, sandstone massifs, canyons, lakes, forests and wildlife

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Madagascar West Adventure Tour

Enjoy Tsiribihina river cruise, the Tsingy of Bemaraha, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the attractive Avenue of the Baobabs

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Northern Amphibian and Reptile Tour

Discover Madagascar's rarest frogs, lizards, geckoes, snakes, and chameleons in Masoala, Marojejy, Amber Mountain, Analamazaotra

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Welcome to Madagascar!

Words from the owner

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We want to be the first to virtually welcome you to Madagascar! By choosing to use our top-notch customer service to be provided by our committed qualified and fully-fluent English-speaking staff: expedition leader, naturalist guides, drivers, etc., your trip to Madagascar will be of the highest quality and offer you a truly unforgettable experience. We can customize a trip for you! We listen to our customers, so tell us what you want and we’ll use the information that you provide to create an initial proposal for you. We are committed to your complete and total satisfaction with our service right from the moment you contact us. Why wait? Manitra Andriamialisoa

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Featured Tours

Madagascar East Honeymoon Tour

Level: Easy
From: $ 3955 /prs.

Discover Antananarivo and its landmarks.

Enjoy unique wildlife viewing at Analamazaotra Special Reserve.

Discover amazing lemurs Ivoloina Park in Tamatave.

Visit the unique Pirates Cemetery in Sainte Marie Island

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Northern Amphibians and Reptiles Tour

Level: Challenging
From: $ 3530 /prs.

Enjoy hiking in rainforests in the northern part of Madagascar. Discover interesting endemic reptiles and amphibians in Masoala National Park (the largest protected rainforest in Madagascar), Marojejy National Park, and Amber Mountain National Park and Analamazaotra Special Reserve

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Madagascar West Adventure Tour

Level: Challenging
From: $ 2953 /prs.

Enjoy one-of-the-kind river cruise on the mighty Tsiribihina River

Climb the world’s most fascinating forest rock, the Tsingy de Bemaraha.

Discover photogenic and rare lemurs at Kirindy Forest

Enjoy unique sunset view at the majestic Avenue of the Baobabs

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Madagascar’s Undiscovered “Wild West”

Level: Challenging
From: $ 2499 /prs.

Discover the amazing Makay river

Enjoy hiking through Makay canyons

Hiking Makay massif and peaks Makay virgin forests and its lemurs and birds

Enjoy the unique views of Makay fascinating lakes

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Southwest Endemics Tour

Level: Moderate
From: $ 3499 /prs.

Baobabs viewing at Reniala Reserve and on National Road 7, ringtails, sifaka lemurs viewing at Anja Park, Isalo National Park. The indri indri, Madagascar’s largest lemurs, and the beautiful diademed sifaka in Andasibe Park.

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Madagascar Highlights Photo Tour

Level: Moderate
From: $ 15000 /prs.

Discover the indri, Madagascar’s most photogenic and largest lemur species.

Meet the Fosa, the photogenic lemur’s predator.

Enjoy sunset photo-ops at the romantic Avenue of the Baobabs.

Discover Madagascar’s most breathtaking landscape: the rock forest of Tsingy de Bemaraha

Discover one-of-a-kind Tsingy Rouge

Discover Madagascar’s Grand Canyon, Isalo National Park

Discover Masoala National Park, the largest rainforest in the Treasure Island

Enjoy unique photo-ops of the cutest “Dancing Sifaka” at Berenty Lodge

Discover chocolate lemurs and fish eagles in Anjajavy Resort’s nature reserve


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Madagascar Highlights Tour

Level: Moderate
From: $ 7499 /prs.

Discover Ranomafana National Park’s emblematic animal: the rare and elusive Golden Bamboo Lemurs

Enjoy Isalo National Park known as Madagascar’s Grand Canyon

Cherish Anja Park’s kings, the ringtail lemurs

Enjoy special birding walk at Zombitse National Park

Discover Madagascar’s largest lemur species, the Indri Indri, at Andasibe-Mantadia National Park

Observe “dancing lemurs” perform their dancing skills at Berenty Reserve

Enjoy unique closeup views of families of Humpback Whales in Sainte Marie Island

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Andasibe Luxury Tour

Level: Moderate
From: $ 1872 /prs.

Observe Madagascar’s largest lemur species: Indri

Listening to eerie sounds of indri lemurs

Enjoy nature walks in search rare and colorful Diadem Sifaka

Discover leaf-tailed geckoes

Find colorful night-active frogs

Discover tiny and large chameleons on your own

Enjoy unique night walks in search for mouse lemurs, woolly lemurs, dwarf lemurs…


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Madagascar East Endemics Tour

Level: Easy
From: $ 1957 /prs.

Enjoy Analamazaotra Special Reserve and its highlights including indri indri, the largest lemur species in Madagascar.

Enjoy nature walks in search of chameleons of different sizes and colors along with endemic invertebrates.

Cherish views of gorgeous birds found only in this part of Madagascar.

Discover the Palmarium Reserve and encounter several lemurs species.

Enjoy unique guided night walk in search of the most rare and interesting-looking lemur, the aye aye.

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Anjajavy Luxury Vacation

Level: Easy
From: $ 5950 /prs.

Enjoy beautiful sand beaches, amazing coves, interesting Tsingy, and majestic baobabs on the Mozambique Channel.

Explore a 750ha nature reserve.

Visit Anjajavy small fishermen’s village and the picturesque village of Ambondro Ampasy.

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Madagascar Northeast Endemics Tour

Level: Challenging
From: $ 3490 /prs.

Discover Masoala National Park and Nosy Mangabe’s highlights

Enjoy special lemur viewing experience at Ivoloina Park.

Enjoy unique aye aye observation at aye aye island in Ankanin’ny Nofy.

Experience unique encounters with rare lemurs in Andasibe National Park

Meet with at least 9 endemic species of lemurs at the Lemur’s Park

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I simply can’t recommend Mani at “Madagascar Endemics and Resorts” highly enough. He can tailor-make your trip to Madagascar and put together the tour of your dreams! Whether you’d like to get up close and personal with lemurs, spend some time on the beach, or a day exploring Antananarivo, Mani can provide. Super fast response to emails, perfect English, and the most helpful attitude you can imagine. Madagascar is not a place to go it alone. Give yourself the peace of mind that someone is looking out for you, and only a phone call away!


Manitra was our tour guide last October 2015 and was very knowledgable on the parks and animals in Madagascar. He was also very patient and allowed plenty of time for everyone to get their photos. He was articulate and spoke English well.

Maureen Walsh

Manitra is phenomenal! His attentiveness and attention to detail made our 10-day trip an exhilarating, relaxing, once in a lifetime dream. Navigating Madagascar can be tough for a tourist, so booking with Manitra is essential—he listened to everything we wanted to do and recommended the best way to accomplish as much as possible plus other gems we didn’t even know about. Everything was organized to a T and everything worked perfectly—drivers and guides were always waiting for us and always spoke clear English. We were able to go east and see lemurs and aye-ayes and then head north to relax on the beaches of Nosy Be and snorkel in the water around Nosy Tanikely. You will have a great time in Madagascar no matter what you do, but Manitra will make it the best trip you ever take! I cannot recommend him enough.

Ms. Susan Fader & Ms. Miriam Krule
New York, USA (June 2016)

I had the privilege to have Manitra as a stand-in tour guide in Madagascar, when our main tour guide didn’t get some internal aeroplane bookings correct. He was like a breath of fresh air – enthusiastic, knowledgeable and genuinely interested in the people he was guiding. Nothing was too much trouble for him and he even followed up with various requests we had made of him after our visit was over. Use this guy – you won’t be disappointed.

Tony Last
England, UK

Manitra is a top guide He made sure I saw rare lemurs, and was a continuing source of interesting facts. Because he has visited the USA, is especially for American tourists. No detail was left to chance.

Ken Elam
Seattle, USA

I just returned from a marvelous trip to Madagascar with Madagascar Endemics. Our guide, Manitra Andriamialisoa, planned an excellent itinerary, with good lodging and food at each setting and safe drivers. He also selected truly expert local guides to take us on searches for lemurs, chameleons, birds, etc. in each reserve and park we visited. Manitra excels as a cultural guide to his country; he is knowledgable and enthusiastic about everything. He shared his own life story which really enhanced our understanding of what it’s like to live in Madagascar. Finally, Manitra is unfailingly enthusiastic and always in good cheer. It is not easy to travel in Madagascar. Roads are bad, plane schedules randomly change with little warning, trails can be challenging, hotels often have lots of stairs but no elevators, and it is sometimes difficult for English speaking travelers to communicate with the Malagasy speople because they are more conversant in French than English. Manitra was tireless in his efforts to overcome these obstacles and ensure that we had a superb educational experience and an enjoyable visit in his country.

Sara Penhale
Miami, USA

A small group of us traveled to Madagascar this year. The highlight was the lemurs, particularly the activity of the sifikas. It was easy to spend infinite amounts of time observing them. Madagascar is a wonderful country to visit if a diverse nature experience is desired. And the food is as diverse and wonderful as well. Manitra, our guide, is very personable and speaks excellent English. The fact he has studied in the US gives him some advantage to understanding American guests and our culture. He is also interested in photography so is sensitive to photographic moments, in fact often anticipates them, and is always willing to provide the time. Besides covering the general itinerary, there were always extra interesting stops along the way. Accommodate were comfortable, several above average. Except for the drive to Berenty from Ft. Dauphin, road conditions were better than some African countries with bathroom stops available. However, the reward of the ring tailed lemurs and the sifikas in your back yard made any temporary inconvenience worth it.

image review
Sharon G
Winsconsin, USA

I used Madagascar Endemics and Resorts for a fantastic trip in May 2014, when I travelled to some very remote areas of Madagascar, namely the stunning area of Marojejy, the beautiful Andringitra National Park and Ranomafana. Everything went very smoothly, I didn’t have to worry about anything, it was all taken care of. And Manitra had devised an itinerary which made the most of these amazing places. it was great to travel with a local guide and Manitra was also a great driver over some very rough roads! I will definitely use his company again.

images review
Andrew Eadie
Manchester, UK

Manitra Andriamialisoa is an excellent guide – he knows Madagascar inside and out and has excellent judgement as to what you would enjoy and how difficult it is to travel to different locations. He has our highest recommendation.

R J Baumann
Lexington, USA

If you are thinking about visiting the wonderful island of Madagascar, you NEED to book your tour with Manitra. No matter your reason for visiting Madagascar, Manitra will have you covered. He possesses a vast knowledge of the Malagasy culture, language, flora, and fauna.

Manitra was extremely helpful in every aspect of our stay in Madagascar. While every vacation has its bumps in the road, ours were barely noticeable thanks to Manitra. Our stay in Madagascar was a wonderful experience that I will remember forever, and Manitra was played a very large role in making me feel this way.

When I return to Madagascar, I will make sure to book a tour with Madagascar Endemics & Resorts.

Joey Eakins
Springfield, USA

Manitra was an amazing and accommodating tour guide. We had a specific itinerary in mind and Manitra made it work. All of our drivers and guides were excellent, and extremely knowledgeable. We had an amazing trip, and would definitely recommend Manitra to anyone looking for a guide.

image review
Tamar Fox
Philadelphia, USA

Manitra really helped us make the most of our short trip to Madagascar. Hiking, seeing lemurs, walking around Tana-Manitra helped arrange it all. I would highly recommend Madagascar Endemics and Resorts to anyone traveling to Madagascar!

Rachel Druck

Nous avons eu Manitra comme guide lors d’un voyage à Madagascar en famille en 2012. Manitra a su nous faire aimer son pays, il a une très grande connaissance de la culture malgache, de la faune et la flore si extraordinaires, nous avons adoré ce voyage en grande partie grâce à notre guide sans lequel nous serions passés à côté de bien des choses sur l’ILe Rouge… Par ailleurs son français est excellent. Nous le remercions encore pour ces moments superbes.

Francoise et Michel J
Paris, France

I had an incredible trip to Madagascar thanks to Manitra! He was super helpful to my sister and I as we figured out our relatively quick trip (12 days) around Madagascar. We both wanted to see different parts of the island and Manitra made it all happen. He is the friendliest and very knowledgable. I highly recommend his services if you are looking to visit Madagascar.

Michael Gacetta
New York, USA

I booked a 20 days photographic tour during the dry season (july/august). It was a very satisfying tour because of the following reasons: Manitra Andriamialisoa, the owner of the company, was a perfect guide; his knowledge about the history, ethnic groups and wildlife of madagascar is outstanding, his arrangements (for example the car/driver, guides in the national parks, hotels) always were lucky…and last but not least he got entertainer qualities. Therefore he respectively his company madagascar endemics resorts is a very good choice for exploring madagascar. Very recommendable!

Ingo Rammer
Saarbrücken, Germany

Three friends and I first met Manitra in October 2006 when he was our guide during a private tour…We had a driver and a guide for three weeks in Mada. Manitra was the guide throughout. That trip was one of our favorites ever: and we are a very well-travelled foursome. We have been to over 135 countries–I am not boasting but I want you to understand that we are well-qualified to judge travel experiences and guides. We visited all over the island nation and fell in love with its people and its wonderful flora and fauna–especially, of course, the marvelous lemurs. Manitra was well-organized, amusing to travel with, excellent in his command of English, and very conversant with Mada’s complicated history as well as its amazing wildlife. Three of we four travelers are avid photographers and Manitra was very helpful in finding the animals and birds and the most photographic scenes. Though we have not returned to Mada since that visit, we have kept in touch with Manitra through e-mails and we know that he is constantly working to improve his guiding skills, his knowledge about the country, its geography & geology as well as the fauna and flora. We have watched him develop a professional website. We have supported his efforts to start his own company which speaks to his ambitions and dedication to bettering himself for his family and his country. I can recommend him to you with enthusiasm and without reservations.

Lois O. Gray
Jacksonville, Florida