Anjajavy Luxury Vacation

Enjoy gorgeous sand beaches, coves, baobabs, tsingy, unique wildlife observation, and a relaxing time only at Anjajavy


East Lemur Tour

Enjoy guided nature walks in a couple of beautiful protected nature reserves in search of rare diurnal and nocturnal lemurs


Madagascar Highlights Tour

Enjoy wildlife safaris in four national parks and discover Madagascar endemics with our qualified naturalist guides


Madagascar’s Undiscovered "Wild West"

Enjoy an amazing expedition to Makay with its amazing river, sandstone massifs, canyons, lakes, forests and wildlife


Madagascar West Adventure Tour

Enjoy Tsiribihina river cruise, the Tsingy of Bemaraha, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the attractive Avenue of the Baobabs


Northern Amphibian and Reptile Tour

Discover Madagascar's rarest frogs, lizards, geckoes, snakes, and chameleons in Masoala, Marojejy, Amber Mountain, Analamazaotra


Wildlife Tours

Northern Amphibians and Reptiles Tour

Level: Challenging
From: $ 3530 /prs.

Enjoy hiking in rainforests in the northern part of Madagascar. Discover interesting endemic reptiles and amphibians in Masoala National Park (the largest protected rainforest in Madagascar), Marojejy National Park, and Amber Mountain National Park and Analamazaotra Special Reserve

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Madagascar East Endemics Tour

Level: Easy
From: $ 1957 /prs.

Enjoy Analamazaotra Special Reserve and its highlights including indri indri, the largest lemur species in Madagascar.

Enjoy nature walks in search of chameleons of different sizes and colors along with endemic invertebrates.

Cherish views of gorgeous birds found only in this part of Madagascar.

Discover the Palmarium Reserve and encounter several lemurs species.

Enjoy unique guided night walk in search of the most rare and interesting-looking lemur, the aye aye.

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Madagascar Northeast Endemics Tour

Level: Challenging
From: $ 3490 /prs.

Discover Masoala National Park and Nosy Mangabe’s highlights

Enjoy special lemur viewing experience at Ivoloina Park.

Enjoy unique aye aye observation at aye aye island in Ankanin’ny Nofy.

Experience unique encounters with rare lemurs in Andasibe National Park

Meet with at least 9 endemic species of lemurs at the Lemur’s Park

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