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Madagascar East Honeymoon Tour


Tour type : Romantic & Honeymoon
From : June 15, 2019toSeptember 30, 2019
Activity level : Easy
Price tag from : $3955


Discover Antananarivo and its landmarks.

Enjoy unique wildlife viewing at Analamazaotra Special Reserve.

Discover amazing lemurs Ivoloina Park in Tamatave.

Visit the unique Pirates Cemetery in Sainte Marie Island

Madagascar is a romantic honeymoon destination. This 11-day tour is a memorable tour for honeymooners that look for a unique hideaway that offers the maximum privacy while enjoying rare wildlife discovery to the eastern part of Madagascar. The tour starts in Antananarivo where you’ll get to see highlights, such as the Summer Queen’s Palace. The next part of the tour includes a picturesque road trip on National Road 2 to Andasibe. A visit of Analamazaotra Special Reserve to discover Indri Indri, the largest lemur species in Madagascar, is the well-deserved reward of this 3-hour road trip. Your hotel is a hideaway in the middle of the easter montane forest which guarantees comfort and privacy. And a quick stop at Vakona Lodge’s private resevere is recommended to experience close encounter with a couple of lemur species. Then you’ll drive on to the east coast. Fantastic view of local villages and lush hills covered with traveler’s trees, endemic to Madagascar. Ivoloina Park visit will give you an understanding of how lemur conservation is critical in Madagascar but will provide you the best lemur photo-ops of the trip to the east of Madagascar. Finally you’ll fly to your earthly paradise to Sainte Marie Island. Several nights and days there will do you but good with the white sand beaches and crystal clear Indian Ocean.


  • All meals with US breakfast
  • High-end accommodation throughout
  • 1 Bottled water / person / day
  • Comfortable vehicle with AC & insurance
  • Domestic flights
  • Fuel surcharge
  • Experienced English-speaking driver
  • Qualified and experienced English-speaking naturalist guides
  • All park tickets
  • All excursions mentioned in the itinerary
  • All tourist taxes
  • Airport taxes


Not included:          

  • International flights
  • Visa fees
  • Travel insurance
  • Drinks
  • Tipping
  • Personal expenses
Day 1: Antananarivo, 1 night

Upon arrival at Ivato International Airport, Antananarivo, our experienced driver and guide will escort you to your peaceful luxurious hotel, near downtown Tana, on a spacious SUV equipped with air conditioner.Rest and recreation.

Overnight at 4-star hotel in Antananarivo. DB

Day 2: Antananarivo – Andasibe

After breakfast, depart for a 3h30 drive to Andasibe (commonly known as Perinet) on National Road 2 (NR2) that connects the highlands to the lowlands. The latter despite its reputation for being particularly windy, offers unique photo-ups for keen photographers with picturesque scenery en-route. Optional stop at the reptile farm where various endemic butterflies, reptiles, frogs, etc. can be found. It’s a fantastic photo-op for professional photographers. Lunch in Moramanga town (30mn from Perinet) or in Andasibe. Introductory afternoon walk into the forest during which you may encounter one or two large groups of common brown lemurs and endemic bird species (nuthatch Vanga, pigmy kingfisher, etc.). Continue on with a guided evening walk across the road run by Association Mitsinjo in search of nocturnal lemur species (the cute fat-tailed dwarf, the recently discovered hairy-eared dwarf, the handful Goodman’s mouse, or the shy wooly lemurs, etc.), and a variety of tree frogs, stick insects, and the tiniest to medium-sized chameleons easily spotted at night, or luckily an europlatus sicorea, one of the several leaf-tailed gecko species endemic to Madagascar.

Overnight at the best possible accommodation in Andasibe. BLD

Day 3: Andasibe National Park

After early breakfast, whole day to explore the 810-ha Analamazaotra Park. This game park, also known as the Indri Special Reserve, will offer you special experience thanks to your highly professional naturalist or local guide’s flair to spot indri indri groups. The Indri indri, called babakoto in Malagasy, is Madagascar’s largest lemur species found only in Andasibe-Mantadia National Park. With some luck, you may see one of the most spectacular scenes ever when an entire indri group happens to make its loud haunting communication calls, or else when, amazingly, an indri comes down on the ground to swallow some dirt for digestion purposes. In his 810 ha rainforest, you’ll meet 4 other diurnal lemur species, such as lesser bamboo lemurs, the smallest diurnal lemur species, the common brown or the elusive red-bellied lemurs, etc. One of the highlights of Andasibe Park is the attractive parson’s chameleon; though being the largest chameleons in this area blends in very well with tree leaves, thus hard to spot with its peculiar evergreen skin color. Birds are not nonetheless the least important attractions in this reserve; the area has over a hundred bird species, most of them endemic such as the beautiful velvet Asity, the blue coua, blue vanga, the Soimanga sunbird, Madagascar bulbul, etc. November’s heat is the Madagascar tree boa’s paradise, which means you won’t miss to see one and if you wish take it with your hands. Other reptile species are common in this park (green day geckoes, diurnal lizards species, etc.).

Before another yet interesting guided nocturnal visit of Andasibe Park along the road in search of more nocturnal endemic creatures (more frog species, mouse lemurs, chameleons, etc.), a visit of the Orchids Park just across from the entrance park is highly recommended.

Lunch in a nearby restaurant.

Overnight at the best possible accommodation in Andasibe. BLD

Day 4:

Today, after breakfast, we’ll drive to the primary rainforest of Mantadia National Park (15km north of Vakona Forest Lodge); Mantadia meaning raw path. This newly-created (over 16,000 ha) untouched rainforest proves to be a challenging terrain characterized by non-developed and steep paths in places, but you can do as much as you feel comfortable with. The primary rainforest here is spectacular and wildlife includes Diademed sifaka, black and white ruffed lemurs, lesser bamboo lemurs, red-bellied lemurs. Here attractive rare endemic birds, such as pitta-like and short-legged ground-rollers, red-fronted coua, or else lesser vasa parrots, Madagascar sparrow hawk can be found, which has made this park become one of the top 10 spots for keen birdwatchers. At the top of the steep hill, you’ll rest under a shed which is used as an observation as well. Quite a fantastic view of the pristine rainforest here, while hearing the sounds of waterfall from the bottom of the cliff or high-pitched calls launched by wild indri indri groups from a mile away.

By the end of the afternoon,  you’ll visit the lemurs’ island where you can experience a unique sensation with half-domesticated lemurs for Christmas postcards, maybe! Otherwise, you can visit Vakona Private Reserve including an interesting croc farm and a small but interesting museum.

Overnight at the best possible accommodation in Andasibe. BLD

Day 5: Andasibe – Toamasina

After breakfast, departure to Toamasina (also called Tamatave due to significant French influence in this province) for a roughly four-hour drive on National Road 2.
Upon arrival in Toamasina, first you’ll be transferred to the newly-renovated upscale Sharon Hotel for check-in and possibly a quick shower. Then, you’ll be taken to a good local restaurant a block away from your hotel. You may also wish to try the hotel’s food in its smaller but welcoming restaurant near the swimming pool.
After lunch, we’ll drive you to Ivoloina Park, an attractive lemurs rehabilitation center sponsored by Saint Louis Zoo, where several lemur species, such as bamboo, crowned, black and white ruffed, black, blue-eyed lemurs, etc. can easily be spotted and photographed. This park also shelters other endemic creatures including radiated tortoises, frogs, reptiles, etc. Back in town, time permitting we’ll give a brief tour of historical Toamasina to discover its highlights. Otherwise, you could enjoy the hotel’s rather small but pleasant swimming pool or rest in your luxurious room while viewing and downloading your pictures of the day to your laptop.

Overnight at a 4-star hotel in Toamasina. BLD

Day 6: Tamatave – Sainte Marie Island (flight)

After breakfast, we’re taking you to Toamasina airport for your short flight with Air Madagascar to Sainte Marie. Upon arrival at Sainte Marie’s small airport at 10h05, you’ll be met and escorted by the hotel’s cheerful and helpful staff to Princesse Bora Lodge located just near the airport.

Overnight at a-star hotel in Sainte Marie. BLD

Day 7: Sainte Marie Island

Whole day to enjoy what Sainte Marie can offer its visitors. The fine white sandy beaches, picturesque tropical sceneries, fresh and pure breeze, perfect climate, tranquility and security are cases in point. You can go snorkeling or scuba-diving, deep-sea fishing, or sea kayaking.

Overnight at a-star hotel in Sainte Marie. BLD

Day 8: Sainte Marie Island

Whole day to spend either on peacefully lying on the beach, or go snorkeling or scuba-diving, etc. You could also take a walk to the tiny but interesting capital city, Ambodifotatra, which is about 12 km from your hotel up to the north of the island. On the way, you could visit the famous European pirates’ cemetery. Before the last curve to the capital city, you’ll catch sight of the oldest church in Madagascar. On your left is Ilot Madame where you can visit a rehabilitated old royal palace where Queen Betty of Sainte Marie dwelt on the border of a beautiful Marina.

Most of Sainte Marie’s west road is paved, but every year cyclones damage Sainte Marie Island’s infrastructure. Walking shoes would be better than sandals for this excursion. You could also rent bicycles, ATVs to discover the island with photo-ups on the way. Also, if you’re into portrait photography, please ask a person before taking his picture. Please do not photograph someone expecting a reward from you. After that good effort, you can enjoy good lunch at a restaurant in Ambadifotatra. Afternoon to enjoy at Princesse Boraha Lodge.

Overnight at a-star hotel in Sainte Marie. BLD

Day 9: Sainte Marie Island

This is your third day in Sainte Marie. There’s a lot do here, but you can choose between nearby beach activities or an excursion to the attractive Ile aux Nattes, an isle located at the southern part of Sainte Marie. To get there, you’ll take a short walk southward for about 20 minutes to the southernmost tip of Sainte Marie, and then take a very short a dug-out canoe trip across to this beautiful isle. Ile aux Nattes is about 10 minutes from Princesse Bora Lodge by boat. You could enjoy the white sand beaches bordered by coconut trees or snorkel there to discover interesting endemic marine animals. You could also take a little tour of the island on foot along the beach. Lunch at La Petite Traversee, a South African-owned restaurant. Black and white ruffed lemurs can be observed here and one endemic orchid that are in bloom between September and November. Enjoy the rest of the afternoon at Princesse Bora Lodge.

Overnight at a-star hotel in Sainte Marie. BLD

Day 10: Sainte Marie Island – Antananarivo (flight)

Morning at leisure. This is indeed your last half day in Sainte Marie. It is recommended that you do activities not far away from your lodge and that you have early lunch. Your Air Madagascar flight (MD535) to Antananarivo is scheduled at 14h20. You’re supposed to be at the airport one hour prior departure time, but pilots sometimes decide to leave earlier. Enjoy your flight to Tana. I’ll meet you again at Ivato airport’s domestic flights terminal B. Arrival time is 16h00. After you’ve collected your luggage, we’ll again be accompanying you to La Varangue. Dinner at a nice restaurant in town with possible Malagasy traditional musical performance.

Overnight at 4-star hotel in Antananarivo. DB

Day 11: Antananarivo – Home

Morning at leisure. After breakfast, we’ll drive you to the Queen’s Summer Palace for a roughly 3-hour excursion and drive directly to the airport. Time permitting we’ll stop at ‘La Digue’ artisan’s market for souvenir shopping before your transfer to the airport. Lunch in a nice restaurant near the airport.

Best possible accommodation where applies. Wifi service is available but with limited connection speed. Mosquito nets are available throughout.

Honeymoon is an important part of your life, enjoy it to the maximum through memorable photos. Bring enough memory cards with you and use point and shoot cameras during the trip.

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