Avenue of the baobabs
The Grand Tsingy
Verreaux Sifaka
Sunrise at Isalo
Fenetre de l'Isalo
baobab near tulear
the bishop's hat
Madagascar Kingfisher
Indri Indri
sainte marie beach

Madagascar Highlights Photo Tour


Tour type : Group
Start date : July 1, 2017
End date : October 22, 2020
Activity level : Moderate
Price tag from : $15000


Discover the indri, Madagascar’s most photogenic and largest lemur species.

Meet the Fosa, the photogenic lemur’s predator.

Enjoy sunset photo-ops at the romantic Avenue of the Baobabs.

Discover Madagascar’s most breathtaking landscape: the rock forest of Tsingy de Bemaraha

Discover one-of-a-kind Tsingy Rouge

Discover Madagascar’s Grand Canyon, Isalo National Park

Discover Masoala National Park, the largest rainforest in the Treasure Island

Enjoy unique photo-ops of the cutest “Dancing Sifaka” at Berenty Lodge

Discover chocolate lemurs and fish eagles in Anjajavy Resort’s nature reserve


This photography tour allows you to visit Madagascar’s south, southwest, west, east, northeast, north, northwest. This tour offers lots of rewarding photo-ops ranging from the rarest wildlife to the most breathtaking landscape and portraits, etc. Endemics are abundant in each of these nature reserves and are worth the extended road trip visits. Madagascar is a heaven for all photographers whether amateur or professional ones.

To be announced


The best accommodation (hotels or lodges) available throughout

Madagascar is a photography destination; bring at least one wide angle lens for landscape and a zoom lens for birds and lemurs. Invertebrates in Madagascar are amazing to photograph, so you might look to bring a macro lens.

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  • Category : Group Tours
  • Price tag from : $15000
  • Activity level : Moderate

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